When we found out we were pregnant


At 35 weeks pregnant, there are not a lot of questions left that have yet to be asked of me about my pregnancy,  the baby and even our relationship. In the future I plan on doing a post of the numerous questions I’ve been asked and how they affected me both good and bad,  but for now,  I’ll start at the beginning of all those questions with one of the most common:

“How did you find out you were pregnant?”

Maybe it’s my sarcastic nature,  but I find this question to be super funny. I mean really,  how does one think I found out? Obviously I took a pregnancy test that turned positive. That is the standard operating procedure, no?

But people tend to be nosey Nellies and what they’re really wanting to know is if I thought I just had the flu,  or I was caught by surprise or if it was planned etc.  So here are all the sorted details of how we found out we were pregnant….

Since February 2015 I’ve been doing chair massage in a metaphysical store. I work with a man who does energy/aura work and does aura photography. I decided to finally try it out one day. It was a great session. I felt really great after the energy work and was fascinated by the aura photos.


Then as I’m going over my aura report he says “when I was looking at your sacral chakra I saw an image of a baby.” I’m not sure the look on my face but I’m sure it was a mixture of shock,  horror and wtf? Because then he added,  “well a baby can symbolize the birth of something new like a job or project. It may not be an actual baby.” Yeeeeeaahhh………. I went home that night and immediately took a test. It was negative and I slept like a rock that night.

Fast forward to a week and half later and Aunt Flo is still a no show. We had reservations for that weekend in Las Vegas to celebrate Gary’s 40th birthday. The aura conversation popped back into my head and I decided since I was now late it would be responsible to retest before a booze filled weekend of shenanigans in Vegas.

And this time the test turned positive. The first test had been taken a week too early.


I didn’t even have time to process this information before Gary called me from the driveway to tell me he was here to pick me up (we were going out for tacos). “You need to come inside. I have to show you something and it can’t wait.”

He sounded confused,  who wouldn’t be,  but he came inside. “where are you?”

“I’m in the bathroom” I called.

“please tell me you aren’t trying to trick me into seeing poop” he laughed.

“No. But you may or may not wish it was” I replied.

He walked in and I pointed to the counter top. “it’s positive” I said.

“this is a good thing right? ” he asked while taking a picture of the test.

” yeah I think so. Why are you taking a picture of it? ”

” so I can show my family” he said.


I love him so.

Our Facebook announcement photo

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