Baby’s Gender Reveal

Originally, we had planned not to do a gender reveal. There were several reasons for that,  one being that I’d never attended one so I didn’t know how interested people were in those things. And as it turns out,  for those who came,  most had never even heard of one let alone attended one, despite how popular pinterest makes them seem.

I changed my mind on the reveal party realising we were going to find out baby’s gender right before my birthday. So instead of going out for my birthday, we threw the gender reveal party. Truly,  it was all part of my evil diabolical plan to have people start forgetting my birthday so I can start lying about my age….. But of course my friends are too smart for me and came with birthday cards and gifts. (Maybe they’ll forget next year? One can hope).

As much as I love me some pinterest projects,  we kept the reveal simple for the most part. Only family and very close friends that basically are family were invited. Including me and hubs,  I think we had 15 people over to the house? Which for our small living room is a lot.

I hand wrote invitations from generic invites I picked up at Target and added some stickers to them to be more festive.


Decorations were just as simple. Gender neutral streamers from dollar tree and a onezie banner I made to hang across the fire place.

My simple and quick baby decorations

I think the most decorating effort was put into the cupcakes to be honest. Lol. These bad boys were Gluten free (for hubs) and completely carefree and quite tastey for gluten free. We also had some candies just for fun. For non sweets we served appetizer type foods we could keep in the crockpot like little smokies and cheese and chili for nachos. Things like that. And for drinks we just did pink and blue punch.

Is baby a little princess?
Or a little Mister?
I have a major love of candy

Other little touches for the party……

Our sign in table

Of course we had everyone write down their quess for the gender. Gender votes were cast by attaching an “it’s a boy/girl” sticker to the sign in sheet next to their name. I made the sign in sheet on scrapbook paper for easy memory book making later. We also had them guess the name we had picked out. For both we gave hints. Those were also done on scrapbook paper to save for later.

Old wives tales about pregnancy to help people cast their gender votes
List of baby names to guess from

After votes were cast they wore a bow clothespin with their gender vote. The votes were split exactly down the middle with half voting girl and half voting boy. My friends are gifted like that. Lol.

We did play some simple games. We filled baby bottles with various candy and everyone tried to guess how many pieces were in each bottle. Winner got to keep the bottle. (apparently I have no pictures of this). We also played “name that tune” baby edition. We split the guests into two teams: team boy and team girl, then we played 30 seconds of a song with the word ‘baby’ In the title. They could earn one point for the title and another for the artist. Winners for this game and for guessing the correct gender won Hershey’s bars we’d colored the he/she with blue and pink sharpie. (I also have no photos of this).

As a surprise for me,  my husband had a banner made up for the baby shower (which wasn’t untill december) so we decided to use that as our means of reveal.

Our gender reveal banner

It’s a boy!!!!!
William Ethan Spencer
Nickname: Wes
Due January 28th 2016.

Half our guests were correct on the gender, but only one person correctly guessed baby’s first name. Everyone regardless of their guess accuracy received an “It’s a boy” bubble gum cigar as. party favor. Good times were had by all.

We did have some family who could not attend due to being out of town. I made them their own gender reveal surprise to open so all the family could be included. It included “it’s a boy” themed chocolates.

Gender reveal surprise bag

Overall,  it was a fun experience. Although I’m not sure I would do another in the future….. It was VERY difficult not telling anyone the gender. Lol.


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