Mystical Baby Shower

Shower event flyer at work

I was fortunate enough to have had two baby showers. The first was thrown for me by friends at work. I do massage at Mystical Mporium  which is why I refer to this baby shower as “The Mystical Baby shower”. (sounds pretty cool huh?) We planned a Lion King nursery almost from the beginning because it’s Gary’s favorite. So Pam did a Lion King/safari theme for this shower. And it turned out beautiful.

Here are some photo highlights:

Cake and prize table
Simba cake. Chocolate peanut butter crunch. Simba was printed on rice paper and was edible.
Party favors and game prizes
Val made "mockarita" to go with my tacos
Baby was blessed

Gary and I had so much fun and the food was amazing (tacos lol). I can’t remember all the games we played and I apparently I did take any pictures of us playing games. I’m really slacking on my photo taking. Lol.

Thank you from both of us!

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