The First Trimester

This photo was taken a couple days before we found out I was pregnant. So it's the earliest 1st trimester photo I have.

So many memories and experiences to capture from pregnancy, I should have been blogging from the beginning lol. But here I am at 36 weeks just now getting started. I’ve decided that splitting the pregnancy up into my trimesters may be an easy way to organize my thoughts and memories better. So, here I present memories and experiences from my first trimester.

Viability ultrasound. Baby 6.5 weeks

I’m going to be completely honest and say that other than getting to see and hear the baby’s heartbeat during the viability ultrasound, there was nothing particularly exciting about my first trimester experience.

[Cue shock and outrage by some women at the above statement.]

Sorry but it’s true. I’ve spent most of my pregnancy with people shocked at my “lack of excitement”. Don’t confuse my lack of pregnancy experience excitement to mean I’m not ecstatic to become a mom,  because I really am happy to meet my little man in the upcoming weeks. But for those who haven’t had the experience of pregnancy yet,  here is a spoiler alert…… The first trimester is actually pretty boring.  (except for that already mentioned ultrasound). Sure for some it’s full of morning sickness and puking up food,  but that isn’t very exciting is it? No one looks forward to being sick. And other than sickness,  exhaustion,  Hormonal ups and downs,  food cravings or a versions, you don’t experience much else. While your body is doing miraculous things,  you’re just basically along for the ride. Physiologically so much is happening,  but your basically ignorant to it all. All the “exciting” things come in the 2nd trimester, like feeling baby move for the first time and learning baby’s Gender. So with that little tidbit of realness out of the way, Here are some of the memories and experiences of my uneventful first trimester.

1.  Morning sickness experience, or lack thereof.
Luckily, I never had any morning sickness. In fact, the only time I ever got sick and threw my guts up my entire pregnancy was when I switched my prenatal vitamins from gummies to ones that actually contained iron.  (FYI,  not all prenatals are created equal). The only thing I really experienced was extreme exhaustion (which I later attributed to the lack of iron in my gummy prenatal vitamins). Many days I didn’t get out of bed till atleast noontime. Then again,  the hormone changes did mess up my sleep cycle and I often was wide awake till 2 or 3 am so sleeping in till noon really wasn’t unexpected. But the first couple weeks or so I barely got out of bed and dressed before 2pm.

2. Pregnancy craving experience.
I didn’t have any weird or strange food cravings (and I still haven’t) like ice cream and pickles. I ate whatever seemed good. The only thing weird about what I was eating,  was the obsession. Everything I craved,  I ate untill I got sick of it. For example,  I ate so many scrambled eggs I went through an entire carton of eggs in just one week;  by myself. When that got old, I ate everything bagels with chive and onion cream cheese for a week. I ate grilled cheese for a week straight. Cereal for a week straight. Basically if it tasted even remotely good,  I ate it for atleast a week. So I guess maybe that’s kind of weird. At the least it’s a tiny bit OCD. My favorite pregnancy meal this entire time? Tacos of course!

My #1 pregnancy food craving.

3. Restrictions
When you become pregnant, you get a nice long list of restrictions. Mostly food and medication restrictions. The obvious restrictions were there,  like alcohol (I miss my wine so much), but many I never knew about like soft cheeses. I will admit I followed the list to a T in the 1st trimester,  but in reality if the cheese was made in America it’s pasteurized and I went back eating the restricted cheeses in my 2nd trimester. And I never heated my lunch meat. Not even one time. I’ve gone 29 years not heating it and never once developed a sickness. Besides warm lunch meat makes me want to yak. The hardest adjustment was only being allowed to take Tylenol for my chronic low back pain. Tylenol is great for reducing fevers,  but it’s not as effective at reducing pain. I get pain so terrible I throw up from it and I could take the max dosage for Tylenol and get zero pain relief. But before pregnancy could take 2 advill and be fine. So I was so happy to get through the 1st trimester and my doctor allow me to use icy hot and biofreeze.

4. Privacy goes out the window
It really does. Obviously your doctor is going to be all up your lady parts and there are many tests and things you’ll get done. But people in general get all up in your personal bussiness with their personal questions or opinions whether you want to hear them or not. That was probably the hardest part for me because I’m sorry,  I feel some things are no one’s bussiness. I don’t know why people think it’s OK to become nosy Nellies once your pregnant. Attention Nosy Nellies,  it’s none of your bussiness if it was planned or unplanned,  how long we tried to conceive, if I plan to breastfeed or formula feed,  if we plan to vaccinate or not,  if I’m still drinking coffee or not etc. If you are a midwive, nurse,  doctor,  birth doula and have access to good resources of information for new and expecting mom’s then please send me a link or text on where I can find out more. But other than that,  please remember that I’m a fairly private person (blog excluded) about my body,  my health,  my marriage,  etc. I share only what I feel comfortable with and if I don’t want to share something with you,  don’t get offended. You don’t have the right to demand answers of me.

5. Non-pregnancy related memories
The best experiences of my 1st trimester were actually all of the non-pregnancy related things. The hubs and I love to travel and we spent the summer getting out and about and enjoying our last summer as independent adults with no children to look after. Don’t get me wrong,  I know we will continue to travel with baby,  but it’s so much easier without kids. So we tried to enjoy every possible last minute. We spent a weekend in Las Vegas to celebrate Gary’s 40th birthday. (Also added a side trip to Willow Beach on the way home). Another weekend was spent with good friends of ours at their family’s cabin in Happy Jack. We went camping with Gary’s and his mom and his brother and his family at Lo Lo Mai outside of Cottonwood. (fun times being pregnant peeing outside the tent at 2 am because I didn’t know we were near a bathroom haha). We also spent 4th of July weekend in Heber-Overgaard and Gary took me out driving to explore Snowflake and Taylor. It was all fun and exciting and it definitely helped keep me relaxed the 1st trimester.

A cow near the cabin in Happy Jack. I don't know why but I love this picture.

So that’s really the long and short of my first trimester.  Would love to hear others’ experiences and memories in the comments.


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