The Second Trimester

The second trimester was definitely more exciting and eventful than the first trimester. Here is part two of my pregnancy memories and experiences, all from the 2nd trimester.

Exactly 20 weeks, 0 days. Halfway through my pregnancy.

1. Finally feeling pregnant
Most people didn’t see or notice the many changes I could feel and see, but I finally saw my body changing. My stomach started to change shape and become more rounded and hard. And at 18 weeks I could feel small fluttering movements from baby. At first it was very weird and actually felt more like gas. Around 22 weeks the movements became stronger and more kick like. It wasn’t untill my 3rd trimester that the movements could be seen. Some people love all the moving. I didn’t particularly love or enjoy the sensations, they made me feel nauseous sometimes. But being able to feel movements allowed me to know baby was doing well so it was great for my peace of mind.

Baby's anatomy scan. 18 weeks

2. Anatomy scan
The second ultrasound for me was more exciting than the first. Baby finally looks like a baby instead of a weird little sac thingy. And because it’s the anatomy scan you get to see EVERYTHING!!!! Instead of just hearing the heartbeat, you get to see the heart pumping away. You get to see the brain and spinal cord and ribs and all the little fingers and toes. And of course, as long as baby cooperates, you get to find out the gender which leads me to major memory #3

Gender reveal surprise we sent to out of town family

3. It’s a boy!!!
The anatomy scan revealed we were having a boy. This brings hubby’s total to 1 girl and 3 boys and his mom now has an even set of grandchildren ; 7 girls and 7 boys. After the doctors appointment Gary and I celebrated over dinner together at Cucina Tagliani’s where I loaded up on carbs since I had a growing future football player to feed.

Gender Reveal party and a work baby shower

4. Celebrations
As highlighted in previous blog posts, we had a gender reveal party for family in September and then my work threw me a baby shower in October.

San Diego Harbor October 2015

5. Our last major vacation
Also occurring in my second trimester was our final major vacation as a twosome. We spent a week in San Diego with my family where I tested all my pregnancy limits. I learned that rides at seaworld and bicycling along the beach are just not pregnant woman friendly. But I sure tried! Lol. I did allow myself to indulge in all the savory foods and deserts we encountered that week. And up untill that trip, I hadn’t gained any pregnancy weight. Came home with my first 4lbs gained. But it was worth every single bite. We also bought the baby some stuffed animals on this trip, even though he will have no memories of San Diego or SeaWorld.

Other photo highlights of my second trimester :

Gary putting the stroller together

Pregnancy shenanigans
Mommy loves food

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