Maternity Photos


Those who know me know I usually take my own photos or have a friend with a good eye take photos of me and the hubs. I just don’t see the point in spending the extra money for a professional photographer when it’s just the two of us still. Thursday we took just a small handful of rushed maternity photos at the park by our house. Earlier in the day we had my 38week Dr’s appointment and I was at 5cm dilation and the Dr said that I could go into labor as early as that night but probably before Monday. Gary and I were thinking of doing pictures Saturday but with that surprising but of news decided we should try and get some that day just in case. So we rushed over to the park with my grandma (she took the photos and I edited them using Picasa) and we tried to get a couple shots in before we lost all the sunlight. We literally had about 15 minutes before it was just too dark. I think they turned out beautiful for rushed amateur maternity photos,  and they’re certainly better than not getting any pictures taken together.
Here are some highlights from Thursday. This is 38 weeks exactly.





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