The Third Trimester : When Sh!t Gets Real


So here we are at the third trimester,  or as I like to call it,  the “this Sh!t just got real”  stage. Up untill the 3rd trimester not much had really happened for me. I did start feeling the baby move back in the second trimester,  but as previously mentioned, I had an easy going pregnancy,  and except for close family/friends others didn’t notice I was  pregnant as my bump was just becoming noticeable near the end of the second trimester. My other trimester write ups I’ve discussed all the major memories, but the 3rd trimester could probably be summed up in just two words: body changes. Because onceI hit the 3rd trimester, it was like my body changed over night. So this post is a focus on those events as these are the events that finally made me feel super freaking pregnant.

1. The Bump finally arrived

28 weeks with my little bump

While still not a huge bump,  I woke up one morning during that 27th week and there was a significant change in my stomach and I had a solid bump,  finally! The husband even made my Halloween costume so I could emphasize my new bump. (And even then people still had to ask me if I was really pregnant on Halloween). And each week it got a little bigger untill around week 33 when he just exploded out there.

2. Pregnant Swagger
The ballooning bump lead to the commonly seen pregnant waddle while walking. But I’m choosing to call it swagger. I don’t waddle,  I walk with swag.

3. Wardrobe Changes

My "Kim K" pregnancy photo. I was pretty proud when my LBD still zipped up at 30 weeks.

I was very blessed to be able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans untill my 33rd week of pregnancy. It was hard work but totally worth it. I only ended up buying two pairs of maternity jeans that were just one size larger than my starting size.

4. Rapid weight gain

37 weeks... What a difference a couple of weeks makes in the 3rd trimester.

I started my 3rd trimester (27 weeks) at only a total of 4lbs gained. Now at 38 weeks that number is a total of +13 pounds since the start of pregnancy. Which still isn’t a lot of weight but most of those new 9lbs have been gained since week 35. I’ve literally gained almost 6lbs in just 3 short weeks. But of course this is all due to the change in my appetite.

5. Raging starvation

3rd trimester breakfast. Holy cow.

Seriously, the last three weeks I feel like a Hobbit. You know,  “we had first breakfast. But what about second breakfast?” lol. I eat probably 5 fill sized meals a day plus a snack between each meal. Hubby thinks it’s hilarious. But not me,  I’m out of bagels again. Lol.

6. Sleep, what is that?
My sleeping now is so erratic I’m becoming Edward Norton in Fight Club. I’m getting an hour or two at a time. Then I’m awake for 2 to 3 hours before I pass out and the cycle starts over. It’s insanity! Even now,  I’m typing this blog post as the rest of the house has gone to bed. Lucky dreaming bastards.

7. Hormone changes lead to crazy house pets

These animals become more and more needy and protective the closer it gets to my due date.

This last trimester our cat and one of our labs have become inseparable from me. They follow me from room to room and when I do manage to catch those amazing Z’s from the sandman,  I wake up to them asleep on top of me. It’s almost a game now with cat. He lays across the bump and starting purring. This causes the baby to move. The louder the purring,  the more active baby’s movements become. It’s adorable but super weird at the same time. And I’m wondering what will happen when baby actually arrives.

8. Weird things start coming out of your body.
I won’t go into specific details (and don’t worry I haven’t taken any photos of this) but since 35 weeks I’ve been shedding mucus daily…. And I don’t mean the kind you cough up out of your lungs if you catch my drift. It’s so disgusting. To me it’s the worst part thus far. (which I guess isn’t that bad,  but seriously, barf).

9. Contractions
So those bad boys showed up also at week 35. But, they have been completely painless so far which I’m extremely grateful for at 38 weeks 5 cm dilated. It’s unbelievable to me because I was terrier for this stage because I know how miserable my friends were. But so far,  they’ve been nothing more than an annoyance,  a 2 out of 10 on my pain scale.

10. Spending my free time in the ladies’ room.

As soon as the third trimester hit,  I could not stop peeing. I pee like every half hour. It’s getting old. So. Old. But they say to keep hydrated and not only that,  the 3rd trimester lead to a craving for Apple juice that just cannot be sated.

This is actually apple juice and water. So bad I know. Dang you 3rd trimester!

So the above is just a small snapshot of how this whole pregnancy Sh!t finally got real for me this third trimester. I’m thankful it’s almost over and that baby is still doing well. The doctor thinks he could be here this weekend and that is both exciting and frightening at the same time. But I’m looking forward to it. And also looking forward to that big glass of Moscato I’ve earned over the last 9 months!


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