One Month Old

It’s hard to believe my son is already one month old. Sometimes it feels like he was just born yesterday and sometimes it feels like it was a year ago depending on how tired I am that day. It’s both amazing and bittersweet to see how quickly a baby progresses from the night he is born. Here is a look at this first month and what we have been up to.


One thing for sure,  he is growing much faster than I could have imagined possible. So much so,  we have opened our first pack of size 2 diapers this week. SIZE 2!! OMG!!! I expected him to outgrow newborn diapers and clothes within the 1st month as he was born at 8.8lbs,  but I never thought he could be in size 2 diapers already. I guess I should have known I would be raising a future wrestler and football player just like his daddy. He is still wearing clothes sized 0-3 months for the most part, but anyone with a baby knows that not all sized are created equal by brand. And unless we leave the house,  I let him just hang out in his diaper.

Sleeping and Feeding Schedule

Baby's favorite past time.

His sleeping and feeding schedule still leaves something to be desired. When it comes to feeding he is eats 4-5oz on demand every 2-3hrs. Occasionally at night he only takes 2-3, but when that happens he doesn’t sleep as long. Not that he really sleeps that long to begin with. He typically sleeps 2-2.5hrs at a time during the day if I’m lucky and often he sleeps less at night. When I said he feeds on demand every 2-3 hrs, what I meant is that he wants to feed 2-3hrs from the start of his last bottle,  not the finish. And by the time he is burped,  changed and back to sleep it’s been 45 minutes to an hour from the start of the bottle. So in reality,  I get to sleep at night on average just 1.5 hrs at a time. And while I try to nap during the day,  but that whole “sleep when the baby sleeps”  thing is total bs. Legit. By the time baby is asleep it’s time for a bathroom break,  medicine break,  breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack,  the laundry needs to be done,  the dog is barfing on the floor, someone is at the door etc. There is zero sleeping when the baby sleeps. The last couple of days he has just started to stay awake a little longer during the day so hopefully things will be different soon.


Basket of activities to do with baby

The first 2 weeks he basically slept and so he spent a lot of time during the day in his swing. When he was awake(ish) our main activities were me reading and singing to him while he snuggled in my arms. He may be just a few weeks old,  but he loves to hear “Puff the Magic Dragon” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. He seriously does,  his demeanor changes when I sing those two songs. 

For books we have been reading “Five Silly Monkeys” and various Dr Seuss board books mainly “ABC’s” and “Hop on Pop” because they’re very short compared to others. This week we also started reading flash cards. Yes,  he looks at flash cards. Obviously I don’t expect him to start reciting or retaining them. But they’re adorable Dr Seuss flash cards and they can be used just the same as reading a book and can be used to have him track objects just the same as anything else that can be held in front of his field of vision. I will admit my husband laughed at first when he saw them,  untill he saw baby actually tracks them and is super content to listen to mommy say things like,  “look at this square. It’s orange. Orange is daddy’s favorite color. You’ll have a favorite color one day too. Maybe red will be your favorite color. Here is a red square.” The flash cards are also a great prompt for me to think of more things to talk about while he is awake because this mommy can only sing “Puff the Magic Dragon” so many times before she has to trade in here wine glass for a shot glass you know?

Then we have the more physical activities. Baby only likes to be on his tummy when he is on your chest so we haven’t been doing as much tummy time as I would like,  but he has pretty good head/neck control and movement already so I’m not concerned about that development at the moment. And he is fairly active while lying on his back so I know some of his muscles are getting a work out and building up. Our main activity on his back besides me moving his limbs is him reaching for his toy turtle. He still makes fists so instead of trying to grab,  he actually punches the turtles feet. It’s really cute to watch. I continue to work with him a little each day and as he spends more time awake I know he will continue to develop his muscles and motor skills. For one month,  he is awesome!

Baby on the go!

He was not excited for his ride

For a one month old,  baby sure gets out a lot. Obviously there are the obligatory Dr’s office visits. But he also gets to go to the grocery store,  restaurants, and mommy’s personal favorite: bookstores. And last Friday baby had his first play date at the park with his friend Em. He spent most of his time in his wrap and in his stroller,  but he did get to swing and slide and mommy got a good walk in and used the steps on the jungle gym for a leg work out. Mommy is trying to get herself back into hiking shape and you can bet baby will be along for the fun.

Mommy’s Little Heart Breaker

Valentine's Day 2016

Baby celebrated his first Valentine’s Day this month. Mommy and Daddy and baby celebrated at Claim Jumpers where Daddy took Mommy on their first “official” date. Mommy got to celebrate with a raspberry martini while baby enjoyed a nice 4oz bottle of Enfamil. ❤

This 1st month has been full of many sleepless nights, many bottles of formula, even more dirty diapers, but a lot of love and adventure. Looking forward to every new experience to come.


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