On Baby Firsts, Bunnies and Biscuits and Gravy


We marked William’s first Easter by taking him “up the mountain” to spend the weekend with my mother in law in the beautiful White Mountains of Eastern Arizona. This also marked his first official road trip [omg so excited for family road trips] and his longest time in the car. We took around 3 hours to go up and almost 7 hours coming back down [these numbers include stopping for meals and photo taking. We like to enjoy these drives]. I was nervous with the elevation change that he would get sick but he was great. He did get a little fussy dropping back down into Payson from the Rim, so I gave him calming tablets [which I can’t recommend enough] and he slept all the way to Camp Verde. The trip was great practice for this summer when I will take him on the 14 hour drive to his great grandma’s house in Idaho. Planning to run him up the mountain a few more times before then.

Traveling with a baby,  especially overnight, takes work. Even at just two months old he needs his own bag. His clothes are small so I probably could have packed those in our suitcase,  but then there’s the diapers, wipes, blankets, bibs, personal care items, toys, his pack in play. I formula feed so I had to pack bottles and the cleaning supplies and formula. The amount of bags we took for a weekend stay was obscene IMO, and hopefully I can find better ways to pack for future trips.

One thing I did tote up the mountain that maybe I didn’t need to was William’s Easter basket. Yes,  I made my two month old an Easter basket. Yes,  I’m well aware he won’t remember it. Yes,  I’m aware I wasted money. I’m on several mom community pages on Facebook so believe me when I say I’ve heard all the reasons why I’m an idiot. And I did debate with myself a little bit about making a basket for him when he is so little, but you know what I realized? These are my memories and experiences too,  not just my sons’. All these “firsts” are moments that belong to him, to me, to my husband and to our family who is experiencing them right along side us. So yes, I made that Easter basket and snapped photos of him screaming his head off next to it. I kept the basket small[ish], with an Easter bodysuit and bib,  Stuffed rabbit, a 2nd hand board book I picked up at DI on the true meaning of Easter for 50 cents, and some plastic eggs I filled with quarters to add to his piggy bank his great grandma bought him to save gas money for the Idaho trip to visit her. All in all,  I think I was fairly conservative compared to what I’ve seen on Facebook.


I did decide not to do the whole meet and greet with the Easter bunny this year. At first I felt kind of bad that I didn’t feel like standing in line for my baby to get a photo. But then on Saturday at Walmart we ran into a Walmart employee in a rabbit suit and my son couldn’t give a crap so I feel I made the right choice in not giving up two hours of my life to see a creepy bunny. Because let’s face it, those mall Easter Bunnies are waaaaaaaaaay more scary than those mall Santas. Am I right?

So Easter Sunday marked another ‘first’ for our son,  his very first Church service. I will admit I was kind of nervous about it. I’m nervous anytime I take him in public and I don’t know if he will be chill or lose his ever loving mind. I’m proud to say he was amazing during church. And I’m probably biased here, but he was also the most handsome baby in a tie. Hard not to be when you’re a blue eyed ginger 😉

After church we had breakfast at Baker’s Ponderosa Cafe where I had my own ‘first’. It was my first truly amazing biscuits and gravy experience. My husband laughed when I told him I was going to have blog about these biscuits. I’m not really a gravy person,  or a sausage person, so biscuits and gravy isn’t something I eat often. I have it maybe twice a year and usually only because my husband or another family member made it. But ever since I became pregnant and even after giving birth,  things I normally wouldn’t eat sound pretty tasty. So I ordered “the big Mike” on Sunday. It was an open faced biscuit topped with sausage patty, eggs, the most amazing homemade gravy, and crumbled bacon. Listen,  I don’t write food reviews,  I don’t know how a proper food review should be done,  but I’m telling you,  my palate was having a party. I had no idea something that could give me a clogged artery could taste so good I wouldn’t care if my artery ruptured. It would be worth it. It would be worth never getting into a pair of skinny jeans. I kid you not,  I cleaned my mother effing plate of gravy. I almost licked that pate clean, but I held on to that one last shred of dignity I have left and instead left a Facebook review. But really,  all I wanted to do was cover myself in this most amazing Easter Sunday gravy and then lick myself clean. So,  if you’re ever near the Heber Overguaard area of the White Mountains, stop in and order the big Mike. It will make your day. It may even make your whole week or month or year or heck,  your whole life! OK so I hope your life has more going for it than a plate of biscuits and gravy, but it is the little things that make life special.


Feel free to share your Easter weekend moments or any recent “firsts” in the comments.


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