Should You Buy it at Dollar Tree? Beauty Edition

Up untill about two years ago,  pretty much the only things I ever bought at the dollar store were tissue paper,  candles,  balloons and disposable table cloths. Then, around this time last year, I started doing massage next door to Dollar Tree. Sometimes while taking a walking break I would wonder around the store and I soon learned they carried a lot of neat stuff I’d never taken the time to really notice before. There is almost nothing you can’t find in there,  and what they carry even differs by location. Now that I’m no longer working full time in massage therapy so I can be home with baby,  I find myself buying more and more things at Dollar Tree (amoung other discounted places). Surprisingly some things are better quality than you’d expect and you wonder why people would pay for it elsewhere. But then occasionally you do wonder why you wasted a dollar. As a frequent dollar store shopper I often get asked if____ is worth buying at the dollar store. So I thought why not do a review of things I’ve purchased from the dollar store? I created a simple rating scale to score each item.

$= don’t waste your money
$$= if you can’t purchase it elsewhere, dollar store will do just fine.
$$$= worth every penny!

For this post,  I am reviewing 8 beauty products/supplies I have purchased recently from the Dollar Tree. Let’s get to it!


1. Shaving Cream -$


Don’t even bother wasting your dollar on the can of assured moisturizing shave cream for women. I thought surely, this should be just fine. Ugh, I was so so so wrong. Hands down the worst product I’ve ever used to shave with, and here’s why. The can proclaimed to be made for sensitive skin with its vitamin E and aloe. Not sure that “sensitive” means what they think it means. It felt like I was dry shaving. No joke, left my skin feeling dry and raw like I had dry shaved with an old razor. My husband’s old can of barbasol is better. This is one dollar tree item you should skip and spend $2-$3 elsewhere.

2. Handsoap-$$$


I actually love this brand of hand soap. This was the first time I purchased this scent,  but I’ve used other scents in the past. It smells great,  it cleans without over drying your hands and for dollar store soap,  it’s a decent sized bottle at 15oz. I often find soft soap Handsoap at Dollar Tree but it’s the same small sized bottle that Walmart carries for just 88 cents. So there’s your first lesson on dollar store shopping; watch the sizes. Sometimes you’re losing money. But with the above brand you’re fine.

3. Facial cleansing brush- $


If you’re looking for a great way to damage your skin,  ^this is it right here. Should I have known better when I bought this? Yes. As a 2012 graduate of The Steiner School of Esthetics, I should have known and done better. Sadly I haven’t had money for a good facial lately and my new mom brain thought hey this can’t be that bad. Have you ever scrubbed your face with sandpaper? Pretty sure using this brush is equivalent. Will be saving up my pennies for a high quality spin brush with vibration. No one’s face should ever experience what mine did using this pos little brush.

4. Facial cleansing pad- $$$


This little microfiber facial scrub pad feels like heaven after that sandblasting disaster of a facial brush. It’s Uber soft, more gentle than your average wash cloth and it comes in a 2 pack so it’s really only 50 cents a round. So for those not wanting to buy disposable facial sponges,  I’d recommend trying one of these.

6. Nail Polish- $$


Nail Polish from the dollar store is never super great compared to what you can pick up at the drugstore. It usually takes an extra coat or two to get the color as vibrant and even as you want. But I’m still giving it a $$ rating because it’s a cheap way to try out new or different colors without having to spend $6 a bottle to discover you don’t actually like it. It’s also great if you’re making a gift basket for a tween because you can get one of every color. So there is some value to be found here.

7. Make up- $$


I will be 100% honest here and admit that I can be a little snobbish about make up. Make up is one area where I will spend a pretty shiney penny. Yep,  I’m that women who spends $20 for a tube of mascara and $50 for a bottle of foundation. But I have been known to pick up make up at Dollar Tree before. Nothing is very high quality but similar to the nail polish, it’s a great way to try out new colors or practice a new technique. Especially great for Halloween time. It does take more product to get the desired color effect but if you use a good quality eye and face primer it will last a few hours.

8. Hair Dye- $$


Yes I know some of you are face palming right now and shaking your heads. I bought hair dye (2 boxes for your information) at the Dollar Tree 😱😱😱. As you can see in the above picture, it’s comes with just about every thing you’d find in a regular box of hair dye. The only thing it didn’t have was the cream rinse that usually comes with my dye when I buy Loreal Faria. I have thick hair so I always buy two boxes of dye and I’m glad I do. There isn’t quite as much dye as my usual brand which would have been OK except for the cheap plastic bottle. The applicator bottle plastic is very thin and it gets all bent up and collapses in on itself. This makes it difficult and extremely frustrating to use. I definitely had wasted product that I just couldn’t get out out of the bottle.


So how did the hair dye perform? About as well as you’d expect.


Obviously not “lightest Blonde”, but to be fair I didn’t expect it to process that well to begin with. My hair had been box dyed a deep dark red in December and while I had significant root growth,  my hair was still not natural. I didn’t actually anticipate any box dye being able to lift the red completely out; which is why I bought dollar store dye in the first place instead of spending $10 a box at Walgreen’s. My roots did lift to blonde (although not “lightest”), and the rest of my hair became bright red. A week later the red has calmed down and I quite like it. I imagine it’s going to take a couple more dyes to get my hair where I want it to. So to be fair I’m giving this a $$ rating because it will somewhat lighten hair for just $1 if you need it to.

So there’s my very first review post (of anything,  let alone Dollar Tree products) on this blog. I plan to do future installments of reviews for things I’ve purchased at dollar tree and elsewhere. I have some book reviews in the works as well. Let me know in the comments of any good or bad experiences you’ve had with things purchased at a dollar store,  or let me know if there are dollar store products you’d like to see included in a future review.


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