Baby Name that Tune

Today while listening to 60’s radio on Prime, “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes came on and reminded me of the fun I had playing “Name that Tune” at my gender reveal last September. I follow a lot of community pages and groups on Facebook for pregnancy and motherhood and a common question I see weekly is,  “what are some fun and different baby shower games?” Well I’d have to say that “Name that Tune: Baby Edition” is probably my all time favorite and is way less disgusting than guess the chocolate in the diaper game. (I mean seriously, who came up with that and why are you crazies still playing that game at baby showers?) This game is great for coed showers, gender reveals and BBQ party style showers and if you use some of the nursery rhyme songs then the game is equally friendly to play with young guests if children/teens are invited.


Game Overview:
Guests compete to see how many songs they can guess correctly based on a small sound clip.

Items needed:
-Paper and pen to keep score
-A device that can play music loud enough for all players to hear
-A pre-made playlist of songs with the word ‘baby’ in the title.

How to play:

1. Before the baby shower, decide if you will have attendees play as individuals or as teams. I recommend teams for large groups. These instructions will be for teams but are easily adaptable for individual play.

2. Before the baby shower, create your playlist of songs that have the word “baby” in the title (I have provided one for you at the end of this post). You can do this on your smart phone or tablet using your music library or using YouTube. You could also go old school and burn an actual cd. The choice is up to you as hostess! Make sure your playlist has an even number of songs so both teams have the same number of opportunity to score points. You can choose how long or short the game lasts based on the number of songs you choose to use. More songs to you have to guess the longer amount of time it takes to finish the game, and obviously, less songs would mean a shorter game length.

3. At the shower, divide guests evenly into two teams. For extra fun, you may decide to have them choose a team name to make it more competitive.

4. Play 30 seconds (or more or less) of a song for team one and have them try and guess the song title and artist. Give them one point for a correct title, and another point for the correct artist.

5. Repeat step 4 for team two.

6. If a team cannot correctly guess the song title and/or artist, the opposing team has a chance to steal points if they can identify title and/or artist.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 untill the Playlist is completed. Team with the most number of points at completion wins.

Simple enough right? And so much fun! And not the least bit disgusting. YAY!!! What are some fun shower or party games you like to play? Leave me a message in the comments.

Below is a list of songs you may wish to use. These are just some song ideas, you can add or delete the songs you want on your list which is great if the mommy to be likes or dislikes a specific genre of music.

“Always be My Baby”-Mariah Carey
“Babe I Love You “-Styx
“Baby”-Justin Bieber
“Baby Baby “-Amy Grant
“Baby Boy”-Beyoncé
“Baby Come Back” – Equals
“Baby Face”-Little Richard
“Baby Got Back”-Sir Mix-A-Lot
“Baby I Love Your Way”-Peter Frampton
“Baby it’s Cold Outside”-any version
“Baby Love”- The Supremes
“Baby Mine”- from Dumbo
“Be my Baby”- The Ronettes
“Bye Bye Baby”- The Four Seasons
“Come on over Baby”- Christina Aguilera
“Cry Cry Baby”-Janis Joplin
“Don’t Worry Baby” – The Beach Boys
“Hey Baby”-No Doubt
“Hit Me Baby One More Time”-Britney Spears
“Ice Ice Baby”-Vanilla Ice
“My Baby Loves Me”-Martina Mcbride
“Rockabye Baby”-traditional
“Rock Me Baby”-David Cassidy
“Runaway Baby”-Bruno Mars
“Wobble Baby Wobble”-V. I. C.


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