Turning Hiking Season into Triking Season

I never expected a year ago that I would have a walking 12 month old weighing almost 30lbs. This has really affected my ability to hike with him; which was an activity I was really looking forward to. But last year during hiking season when he was smaller (and by smaller I still mean 15lbs) I was still having side effects from the epidural making hiking a no go for us. And now, at 28lbs he is just too heavy for me to carry with my back issues (I keep my hiking pack under 15lbs). But today, thanks to his birthday present from Daddy, we turned hiking season into triking season. 

I found a wonderful bike and walk path near my work called Skip Rimza Paseos that is part of the Walk Phx program. The start of the path is off of the Apache Wash trailhead parking lot enterance and it goes west 3.1mi and back (6.2mi roundtrip) and east 1.9mi and back (3.8mi roundtrip) and trail is leads through some beautiful desert views. It was gorgeous! Only complaint was how loud the road the was from construction vehicles but once the trail moves away from the road (almost 1 mi west of the start) the sound drops considerably. 

We ended up only walking 1 mi in and then back, for a 2mi walk round trip. The sun was getting too high and William was starting to get a bit fussy but next time I’m hopping to get a good 3-4 miles in. 

I’m so glad I found this path and now know about the Walk Phx program so I can find other paths around town for us to Trike. We live near some canal paths but they’re not really a safe place to be by ourselves. And I love desert hiking so I’m glad to see paved pathways popping up near preserves to give us a chance to see and explore native plants and wildlife. Can’t wait for our next Trike adventure!


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