Hosting a Magical Harry Potter Baby Shower

“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Back in June I, along with help from my bestie Aly, hosted a shower for our good friend since middle school. We have been wanting to throw a Harry Potter shower from the moment we found out our friend was pregnant and we are so happy she said “yes” to our theme. As all would be hostesses do, we scoured Pinterest for ideas and lamented when the rules of our venue or our bank accounts prevented us from doing all of our ideas. My son and I made several trips to thrift stores looking for Harry Potter books we could cut into pieces for decorations and I even found a Harry Potter board game similar to Clue (which I then forgot to take with to the baby shower SMH). Pinterest left me unsatisfied with Potter-themed baby shower games so I ended up creating some of my own which was a ton of fun for me; I now feel like a true die-hard Potter fan after making my own games. There were a few last minute Amazon purchases and crossed fingers that everything would arrive on time and thankfully, everything did. Have a look at how it all turned out below!

Check in table where guests signed a copy of Tales of Beedle the Baird for the baby. Guests were asked to bring books in lieu of cards.

Originally we were going to go all out and hang candles and stars from the ceiling to give the venue a true Hogwarts great hall feeling, but unfortunately we were not allowed to hang anything from the ceiling, and honestly after seeing how high the ceiling was, I’m not sure how we would have pulled that off. We ended up focusing our shower decoration efforts on the tables and I made simple signs to hang on the walls since we were allowed to use scotch tape. We cut up pages from books for unique signs and decor. It was sacrilegious to some, but it was a lot of fun to decoupage book pages to objects.

I ordered this adorable outfit on Amazon as a gift and we decided to use it as an additional decoration since it was so cute.

For our set-up we had four tables, one for each Hogwarts house, and each table could seat 4 people for a max seating of 20 guests (though we were prepared to seat 25) who we sorted upon arrival. Each table had a black table cloth and then runners matching the house colors and a candle vase. Each Place setting had a shower favor with candies and a harry potter pin. (We were originally going to order chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans  for the favor bags but it was kind of pricey so we spent that money ordering cupcakes instead).

Guests were sorted into houses upon arrival to the shower. I filled a witch hat with mardi gra beads in the house colors and they reached inside and pulled on out. We did have to move some people around to make the houses even for the games but it was hilarious to watch grown adults be nervous they would be put into Slytherin.

As I mentioned I made two of my own games for the shower because I just could not find what I wanted online. I think they turned out rather well. One game I called Snuggle this Muggle and you had to circle the names of all the muggle-born witches/wizards on the list. The second game was Who’s Your Daddy/Are You my Mother? For that game you matched the wizard child to their parents. The third game we played I did not create but it was sooooooo much fun. It was called babies against parenthood which is basically like cards against humanity which was one of the expecting couple’s favorite games. Link to that is found here at The Eco-Friendly Family. We had the houses play as teams for all the games and they earned house points. The House with the most points at the end won ALL the prizes. And of course we gave out random points for things like “good team work” and their ability to answer random Harry Potter Trivia Questions. And while not technically a “game” I also did a diaper raffle and anyone who brought diapers or wipes got to put their name into the Goblet of Fire and I drew a winner for a gift card at the end of the games portion.

And can we talk about my favorite part, the yummy yummy cupcakes? They were so delicious. We went with a local bakery that the Mommy to Be and I used to go to with her mom when we were younger. At first I was kind of nervous that the white frosting would be too plain looking but Aly was right in that it would make the cake toppers just pop. The cake topper were rings i bought off amazon. I don’t actually recommend this seller because they send you 24 rings of assorted houses. It worked out ok because we are adults, but these are intended for birthday parties and how sad would it be for a little Hufflepuff to not get her house ring because these yahoos but 10 Ravenclaws in one bag. amiright? Anyhow, ranting aside, these looked and tasted fantastic.

So there is basically all the photos of the shower that I can share publicly. This was one of my favorite parties ever. I’m happy to report that the wonder little muggle we were celebrating has made her way into the world and both she and her parents are doing well.

Are you looking  to see more book based baby shower ideas? Check out my own Dr Seuss themed baby shower here! I also had a safari/lion king themed shower and hosted and fairy/butterfly baby shower if you’re looking for other ideas!

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