The Kracken has been Released

The thing I have been dreading the most since my son learned how to walk and climb furniture at 8 months old finally happened this week. My son learned how to climb out of his crib and now he is a free range pony. We managed to make it to 19 months before having to deal with this issue and for that I am most thankful. But my husband and I were still not ready for this development. Is any parent really ready for that matter?

The first breakout happened at naptime. I heard a door open and thought “oh my God is someone in my house” only to [luckily] turn around and be greated by my toddler grinning from ear to ear. To say he was proud of himself is an understatement. The smile on is face can only be described as what i imagine he would look like if he had just met Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Kool-aid man all at once. Let’s call it shit-eating, shall we? My toddler knew in that moment that he had bested Mommy and he was in full gloat. 

He preceded to climb in and out of crib the rest of the day just for funzies. So when his dad came home from work we converted the crib into a toddler bed for preventative measures. Also read as, mommy and daddy don’t have time or money for the ER. 

But of course this has lead to the issue of he no longer wants to go to bed. He wants to break out and party. Unfortunately his door locks but doesn’t actually latch. I honestly wouldnt be so bothered by him escaping his room butbwe had had people staying with us for a couple of weeks and so doors and baby gates are getting left open and phone cords and pocket change is getting left laying around so its just not safe for him if his dad and I are already in bed when he breaks out. It’s been a stressful sleepless week to say the least. For the first time we found ourselves loading him into the van at 12am and driving him around the freeway to lull him into sleep. I’ve even tried melatonin which so far hasn’t need very much help. 

So fast forward to Saturday night. I got to get away for a few hours and when I came home after 9 the kracken was up watching cartoons and snacking. As it turns out after he was put to bed he got out of bed and managed to crawl into the crawl space that is behind the vent in his room. The vent of which he managed to pull off the wall. So my fears of him getting himself into some serious trouble are not unfounded.

I’ve managed to figure out how to get the door wedged in such a way that he can’t open it and that has been working for a couple days now. I don’t really mind if he plays instead of sleeping as long as he is safe in his room. When I went to get him up the other day I found him asleep on his bedroom floor with his favorite monkey blanket and a book. I have no idea how long he stayed up untill he fell asleep but he obviously wore himself out at some point.

I don’t know if bedtime will get easier or harder from here on out. While im always impressed with his physical strength and the abilities that strength gives him, I’m definitely not thrilled about his achievement of the bed climbing milestone. 

Toddler bed conversion

Wishing you a better night’s rest than in our home,



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