Easy Toddler Activity- Cupcake Pan Objects

When my son was around 14 months old I decided we were not doing enough play and learn type activities. And I wanted him to do more hands on discovery learning than just playing with his light up sound toys. So I browsed Pinterest for ideas of things I could do for little to no extra money.  This activity was the first one we tried as we already had everything on hand.  Its super easy too! 

All you do is get out your cupcake pan (or get one at a thrift or dollar store if you’re not a baker) and fill it with different types of objects for your little to pick up and investigate. I made sure to vary the sizes, colors and textures of the objects. I even used some plastic Easter eggs so he could try opening them. I also gave him a big plastic bowl to transfer them into. 

I wish we done this activity when he was younger. It’s so easy to do and would be very baby friendly as long as you don’t use anything small enough to choke on. And you can change up the objects each time you do the activity. You don’t even need to fill all the spaces as they will enjoy moving objects from space to space.

So easy, right? Give it a try with your little!

Blessings, AJ.


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